Recouleur was founded in Chicago

Recouleur® is the flagship brand of Supernatural Health, Inc. – a Chicago-based company originally founded in 2003 by Audrey VanStockum for the purpose of delivering safe nutritional solutions for the treatment of vitiligo, the best vitamins for vitiligo, skin pigment loss, and gray hair. We believe in identifying and treating the root cause of illness, not just masking it. After suffering for many years with vitiligo, VanStockum set out to find a safe, natural and effective way to help vitiligo. Recouleur® Dietary Supplement was developed through a National Science Foundation grant under the auspices of Northwestern University in 2003-2004. Recouleur® Dietary Supplement is a patented formula which supports vitamin and mineral deficiencies commonly found in people with vitiligo as well as people with graying hair.

Our cutting-edge research in the area of natural vitiligo treatment and development of Recouleur® Dietary Supplement qualified as a finalist in the Invent Now America contest. Supernatural Health, Inc. has since grown to offer a range of vitiligo products that include nutritional supplements, make-up for vitiligo and informative books about vitiligo vitamin treatment. We really do know vitiligo from the inside out. Our satisfied customers from around the world are testimonial to the fact that Recouleur® contains the best vitamins for vitiligo!