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Gray Hair Reversal

Recouleur® Dietary Supplement Supports Natural Hair Color from Within

  • A dietary supplement for younger looking hair
  • Supports healthy pigment formation in the hair

My hair has been Recouleur®-ed!

I've been taking the Recouleur® Dietary Supplements for almost 2 months and I'm already seeing results... with my hair. The bottle clearly states that the Recouleur® 'Supports reappearance of color in gray hair and de-pigmented skin.' I simply haven't been expecting to see less gray hairs. Granted, I don't have many gray hairs since I've only just celebrated the 10th anniversary of my 30th birthday, but the fact remains, I had some and now I see only a couple stragglers. When taking any supplement it usually takes at least a few months to see results, so because I'm already seeing some benefits (no gray hair is very good!). I am sure that it is just a matter of time before I see re-pigmentation on my skin... I'll keep you posted.

Nathalie P., St. Louis

After age 30, people lose approximately 20% of their melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) leading to gray hair. Melanocytes are cells in our hair follicles that produce melanin which pigments hair and skin. Read more in our Learning Center.

But the good news is that even some hair melanocytes may be stimulated to form new extra pigments again.

Gray hair reversal
Above: Original brown returning at the root of this strand of gray hair. This photograph was used in our patent application.

Gray hair reversal
Above: Photograph of a gray hair turning the original brown color at the root then the brown continuing as the gray hair grows out. This photograph was also used in our patent application.

Recouleur® is an option for those who cannot dye their hair because of allergies to dyes, medical treatments that exclude dye use, or those who don't want a sudden, jarring color change. Some people simply prefer a natural approach.

A Gradual Transformation

Recouleur® Vitamins will not work for everyone. If it does, it will happen slowly. If you stick with it, in time you, too, may be one of those people others envy for the glossy, healthy, natural color of their hair!

I feel like Deborah Harry.

The white hair in my eyebrow that started to recolor with a sheer wash is very, very hard to find now because it's darker. Pretty cool. Then today I noticed another white hair in my eyebrow has a dark root. I feel like Deborah Harry. (I apologize for the spelling - I don't have a Blondie CD within arm's reach.) I don't understand how they'd recolor differently, though I suppose the one may have had a dark root and I missed it until it began to recolor. We'll see what happens.

Sheri S., Marion, IN

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