Vitiligo Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy eBook

Vitiligo Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy by Audrey VanStockum

The author, Audrey VanStockum, a vitiligo sufferer herself, has sorted through medical jargon and translated it into user-friendly language. Many of her already published articles are included in this book as a way to reach more people with hope and practical help. The dermatologists and physicians who have read these studies frequently recommend vitamins to their vitiligo patients. Tired of hearing “Nothing can be done.” “Why don’t you just learn to live with it?” This book will empower you. Putting the tools to heal in your hands!

Many books of this nature sell from $100-$239 and are written in technical language. In the future, our print book price will be $49.95. Now, this book is only available as an eBook. “Vitiligo Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy” by Audrey VanStockum provides vitiligo vitamin information and vitiligo diet tips.

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Vitiligo Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy is the first book of its kind. It contains practical information on which vitamins can help vitiligo. Based on studies, this science based hands-on guide is full of useful ideas:

  • Research on vitiligo vitamin deficiencies
  • Pigment pathway
  • How vitamin therapy works
  • Helpful vitamins for vitiligo
  • What interferes with vitamins being utilized in the body


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