Recouleur combines all of these in ONE daily tablet.

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Clinical research shows that people with vitiligo can have abnormally low levels of folic acid, vitamins B12 and C, copper and zinc.

Recouleur combines all of these in ONE daily tablet.

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Empower Yourself

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We Know Vitiligo

We Know Vitiligo

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Vitamin’s Function in Vitiligo

If you suffer with vitiligo you may not realize that medical researchers have discovered certain vitamins may be helpful in treating this skin depigmentation condition. For instance, studies show us that people with this skin disorder are often “vitiligo vitamin deficient.” These vitamins include folic acid, B-12, copper, and zinc.

Vitiligo treatment vitamins are often prescribed by doctors to help stabilize the immune system in combination with other treatments when vitiligo is diagnosed as an autoimmune disorder. Studies show us that vitamin B-12 for vitiligo and vitiligo folic acid, for example, along with sun exposure, are also beneficial in supporting the reappearance of color in de-pigmented skin. That’s because a significant body of data suggests when vitamin D3 (from sun exposure), B-12, and folic acid are deficient, these low levels are associated with autoimmune conditions.

Since multiple clinical studies have determined that B-12 for vitiligo supplementation works better when combined with folic acid, and copper and zinc have been shown to support cellular skin turnover, healing and free radical destruction, Recouleur® Vitamins combine the needed supplementation for vitiligo support in one unique formula.

Recouleur® Vitamin supplement for vitiligo is the nutritional therapy needed in one convenient and easy to take daily treatment that supports the reappearance of color in skin, natural gray hair reversal, and overall health. Why take a confusing number of separate vitamins and minerals multiple times daily when Recouleur® Vitamin supplement is designed specifically to help to your skin heal?

Recouleur® Vitamin supplement is specially formulated to provide you with the best vitamins and minerals you need to set the stage for re-pigmentation and healthier skin to help vitiligo sufferers.


About Recouleur®

We know vitiligo from the inside out. Recouleur® vitamins for vitiligo support the reappearance of color in de-pigmented skin and gray hair. Just one daily tablet of Recouleur® Dietary Supplement may:

  • - Support your body
  • - Set the stage for re-pigmentation
  • - Help improve overall health
  • - Simplify your routine — take the vitamins and minerals you need in one tablet

Recouleur® Dietary Supplement also supports natural hair color and gray hair reversal from within. By nourishing healthy pigment formation in the hair follicle, younger looking hair can be achieved. See our website

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo or leukoderma (also called leucoderma) is a condition where skin loses melanin – the pigment that colors skin, hair, and eyes. It's characterized by bright white patches on the skin.

In 12 percent of cases, intense itching can occur at the site of skin depigmentation before a new vitiligo white spot develops. It can occur on any part of the body. It’s not contagious. It affects all ages, ethnicities, and genders. There is no cure for this skin depigmentation disorder. However, it is treatable. Treatments can slow the progression of new white patches appearing and also induce repigmentation.